Nbe Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Nbe Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Saraspur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Electric Motors

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Electric Motors and Pumps to our customers. Our industrial expertise displays in our offered quality examined the range of products, which involves much anticipated AC Motor, Gear Motors and Coolant Pumps etc. These motors are used in various industrial applications. They are available in various specifications and can be custom made as per the demands of the clients.

AC Drives

Industrial AC DrivesGet Quotation

Industrial AC Drives

AC DrivesGet Quotation

AC Drives

Gear Motors

FHP Gear MotorGet Quotation

FHP Gear Motor

DC Gear MotorGet Quotation

DC Gear Motor

AC Gear MotorGet Quotation

AC Gear Motor

Coolant Pumps

Gear Pumps

Triplex Gear PumpsGet Quotation

Triplex Gear Pumps

Rotary Gear PumpGet Quotation

Rotary Gear Pump

Brake Motors

Brake MotorGet Quotation

Brake Motor

Vibratory Motors

Vibratory MotorGet Quotation

Vibratory Motor

Flame Proof Motors

AC Flame Proof MotorsGet Quotation

AC Flame Proof Motors

Flame Proof MotorsGet Quotation

Flame Proof Motors

Electric Motor

Electric MotorGet Quotation

Electric Motor

DC Motors

DC MotorGet Quotation

DC Motor

12 W DC Gear MotorGet Quotation

12 W DC Gear Motor

Electric DC MotorGet Quotation

Electric DC Motor

PMDC Motor

PMDC MotorGet Quotation

PMDC Motor

Flange Motors

Electric Flange MotorGet Quotation

Electric Flange Motor

Flange MotorGet Quotation

Flange Motor

AC Motors

AC MotorGet Quotation

AC Motor

AC Servo MotorsGet Quotation

AC Servo Motors

AC Torque MotorsGet Quotation

AC Torque Motors

Industrial Motors

Cooling Tower MotorGet Quotation

Cooling Tower Motor

Loom MotorGet Quotation

Loom Motor

Single Phase MotorGet Quotation

Single Phase Motor

Special Purpose MotorGet Quotation

Special Purpose Motor

Monoblock Pumps

Mini Monoblock PumpGet Quotation

Mini Monoblock Pump

Industrial Pumps

Custom Built PumpsGet Quotation

Custom Built Pumps

Root Blowers

Air Root BlowerGet Quotation

Air Root Blower

Ring Root BlowerGet Quotation

Ring Root Blower

Root BlowerGet Quotation

Root Blower

Pedestal Drive Blower

Pedestal Drive BlowerGet Quotation

Pedestal Drive Blower

Industrial Blower

Motorized BlowerGet Quotation

Motorized Blower

Belt Driven BlowerGet Quotation

Belt Driven Blower

Motor Coupled BlowerGet Quotation

Motor Coupled Blower

Helical Gear Boxes

Hollow Worm Gear Box

Hollow Worm Gear BoxGet Quotation

Hollow Worm Gear Box

Bench Grinders Polishers

Universal Worm Reducer

AC Generators

AC GeneratorsGet Quotation

AC Generators

Three Phase Induction Motors

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